Betting, and gambling around in general, is a topic that divides opinions in two. Betting and gambling have always been practiced, since the beginning of time. Many believe that gambling should be illegal and prohibited while others make a living from it. So let’s take a closer look at the subject.

What kind of bets should you place?

There are many types of betting, and especially today there is a lot of discussion on social media about what betting is all about. It has been sad to see how many people give a completely wrong picture of betting and what it brings when it comes. People who share betonline tips and post pictures of trucks for many thousands of euros give their (usually) young followers a really rosy picture of everyday betting on how to win € 35,000 “but” with a € 10 bet on an 8-item tag. This is a complete hoax, and no one should ever start betting this way because it loses their money.

Betting, especially the lucrative one, is really heavy, time consuming as well as analytical gambling, with a real payback percentage hovering somewhere between 102-105%. Professional bettors who support themselves with betting generally aim for a return of about 104%. In practice, this means that for every 100 euros they bet, there will be 4 euros in profit. However, in general, the stakes for professionals are really high in order to collect the necessary profits to pay bills, etc. So it’s all about easy money.

Betting bonuses and promotions

Larger betting sites constantly offer promotions where players can go and pick up free bets or risk-free bets. In addition to these, all the slightest sporting events / tournaments will be accompanied by campaigns with many different tasks, and all receive a prize. For this reason, it is smart to concentrate gaming on one site, as this will allow you to enjoy all the promotions and offers it offers.

If money is not the most important thing, it is worth looking at other offers. For example, various conversion services have grown in popularity recently. This is also considered important that nowadays it is possible to watch almost all popular sports through betting sites. So in practice, this means a variety of streaming services that allow you to see even rarer matches directly through the betting site through a quality stream. So you no longer have to hunt for HD quality streams from reddit as long as you play on a site that offers a streaming service.

Where to bet?

In general, you should always choose a betting site that operates under an EU license, simply because you don’t have to pay taxes on your winnings. Especially as a casual fun bettor, you should concentrate your bets in one place. Odds at home vary, and somewhere else you could get a few cents better, but playing in one place with one account makes managing your cash much easier, and at the same time you get to enjoy the bonuses that accrue with activity.